How Can Sensory Toys Help People With Autism?

How Can Sensory Toys Help People With Autism?

Sensory toys can be beneficial for many children and people of all ages, including those on the Autism spectrum. Sensory toys can provide a way to regulate sensory input and help with focus and attention as well as give people on the Autism spectrum an opportunity to engage with their senses in a safe and controlled manner.

Sensory toys enable the exploration of different textures, sounds and visual stimuli in a way that is comfortable and soothing. This can help with   the regulation of sensory input and provide a better understanding of how to navigate different environments. And of course, sensory play is fun!

Many schools are now including sensory play opportunities into their daily routine. Here are some ideas for sensory toys that could be used not just in the home, but also in the classroom:

Fidget toys are small, handheld devices that can be squeezed, twisted and manipulated. The Rainbow Spinning Cube is a pocket-sized weighted cube with two smooth, moving ends, perfect for small and busy hands.

Sensory balls are used for throwing, catching and squeezing and can provide tactile stimulation. Our unique textured Senso Dot Ball is soft and stimulating and can be used for enhancing gross motor skills and encouraging hand grasping and hand eye coordination.

Weighted toys can provide calming sensory input, reducing anxiety, enhancing focus, and aiding in motor skills development through deep pressure. Our range of CozyPlush soft toys are lightly weighted and filled with natural wheat, perfect for creating a warm and soothing environment.

Kinetic sand or playdough provides a tactile and sensory experience and can be used for fine motor skill development. Our Magical Cloud Putty is lightweight, soft and cushiony just like a cloud! With its pleasant squeeze and easy to manipulate texture, this putty can provide endless creative fun and stress relief.

Tactile or sensory mats can provide both visual and tactile input, providing a unique sensory experience. Our Sensory Hexagonal Floor Tiles feature colourful liquids and can be stand, jump and move around on.

Chew toys and jewellery can provide a constructive and safe outlet for sensory stimulation, this can help to reduce anxiety, improve concentration and address sensory needs. Our range of Chewigem and ARK Chew products consist of bangles and necklaces designed for the mild to moderate chewer and is intended to soothe and comfort.

Using sensory toys and fidget tools can create a fun, engaging environment for people with autism. Check out our complete range of sensory toys and therapeutic support tools here. Orders are dispatched promptly via Australia Post or come and visit us at 28 Gidley Street, St Marys NSW (inside the NADO building).