Therapeutic Tools For Allied Health Professionals

February 1, 2024

Allied Health professionals play a crucial role in our healthcare industry. From Occupational Therapists to Speech Pathologists, everyone needs the right tools, equipment, and resources to help their patients excel. That’s where the Sensory Store comes in – your trusted partner in providing high-quality, learning based, fun products designed to meet the needs of Allied Health professionals.

Why choose the Sensory Store?

  1. Variety – we have a wide range of products suitable for therapeutic purposes
  2. Friendly Staff – our team are here to assist you in any way they can, both in person or online
  3. Shop in-store or Online – visit us to check out our products in-store or conveniently shop online from anywhere in Australia

Let’s take a closer look at some essential products we have to offer:

Cut Out Therapy Cup Combo – These dishwasher-safe cups feature an innovative design that allows individuals to drink without tipping their head back. Ideal for beginner cup-drinkers, feeding therapy, as well as anyone with limited mobility in their head and neck.

Sand Timers – A great way to assist with concentration and support in behaviour management by providing a visual representation of time. Use them for games, challenges, or daily tasks.

How Does Your Body Feel, Book Set –This book set contains four short books designed to help families, caregivers, and therapists who support children that may be experiencing big emotions to feel confident, calm, and in control of their reactions.

Therapy Feeding Spoon – Not too deep but not too shallow, these spoons provide a great solution to standard store-bought spoons for individuals requiring feeding therapy!

Blend Flips – Ideal for speech and learning development, these word flips provide a fun and visual way to learn sounds and blends of letters to make words! Complete with pictures and color-coded vowels, this compact flip stand has it all.

Hand Exercise Stress Egg (set of 3) – Our Hand Exercise Stress Eggs can do it all! From fine motor skill improvement to stress reduction, emotional regulation, and even helping build muscles in the hand.

Sensory Playmat Set (Extra Large) – This 19-piece set contains a colourful combination of both soft and firm surfaces for a variety of sensory input. These tiles are designed to mimic ‘natural surfaces’ to help sensitive feet adjust to different feelings.

Therapy Peanut Ball – An excellent way to improve core strength and develop gross motor skills, our Therapy Peanut Ball can help build all types of body strength and balance.

Body Play Sock – Ideal for individuals with sensory processing differences, these stretchy and breathable body socks can provide full-body sensory input in a fun, new way!

Bilibo Seat – This Bilibo seat has won multiple awards, and for good reason! These versatile, open-ended toys can be used in so many ways and can encourage basic motor skills and balance.

The Sensory Store is the ultimate destination for Allied Health professionals seeking relevant support tools to suit their clients needs. 

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