Body Play Sock

Body Play Socks are ideal for individuals with autism and other sensory processing disorders who crave sensory input in a fun and different way. Sensory Body Play Socks are very stretchy and provide resistance when you move in them. Therapeutic uses for Body Play Socks includes Self-Regulation and Body Awareness. They are a fun way for children and individuals to work on a variety of skills while in occupational therapy. It is an enjoyable and entertaining tool for them to use, and they won’t even know they are working!

Manufactured in Australia from a breathable see through lycra which feels soft and comfortable with no harsh velcro. Body Play Socks are suitable for home, specialist clinics or school based sensory programs. They are also light weight making them ideal to take on family holidays. Please note that adult supervision is recommended.

Body Play Sock Small: 68 x 100 cm (suitable for individuals up to 110 cm tall)
Body Play Sock Medium: 68 x 120 cm (suitable for individuals up to 130 cm tall)
Body Play Sock Large: 74 x 140 cm (suitable for individuals up to 150 cm tall)
Body Play Sock Extra Large: 74 x 160 cm (suitable for individuals up to 170 cm tall)

$70.00$90.00 inc. GST


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