7 Fun Holiday Activities For Sensory Kids

7 Fun Holiday Activities For Sensory Kids

How to keep your kids entertained during the 6 week School Holiday Christmas break.

The summer holidays – 6 weeks of freedom from making lunches, school drop offs and pickups, after school activities and appointments and homework. It’s usually about halfway through the holidays when the euphoria starts to wear off, and the next three weeks feels like three months while you’re trying to figure out how to keep the kids occupied!

So we’ve put together a list of some fun things to do with your kids during these school holidays:

 1 – Visit a Sensory Garden

A sensory garden is carefully designed to stimulate all the senses – sight, sound, hearing, touch and smell. Colourful plants and flowers are grouped together to attract birds and butterflies. There’s often the soothing sound of water features, the smells of herbs and flowers to explore, and sand and gravel beds for tactile stimulation. You may even be inspired to create your own sensory garden at home – a project for the rest of the holidays!

Alternatively, if the weather is too wet check out our Sensory Playmat Set for an indoor sensory experience.

2 – Go to a Museum

Museums are fascinating places for kids to explore, and are now making museum experiences available to kids who process sensory experiences differently. They often have sensory friendly days, with a supportive environment where you can wander at your own pace and spend quiet time if you need to. Many museums offer a chill out zone, and ear muffs. And if you prefer to use your own earmuffs we have just the solution! Check out our  KIds Sensory Ear Muffs.

3 – Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with a list of items (can also be pictures instead of words) for your kids to find and head off to your local park or nature reserve.The items can include things like leaves, rocks, sticks and flowers.  Make a long list to keep the kids occupied for hours, and have them bring each item back to a gathering spot to add to their collection. This can even be a fun thing to do in your backyard! Hide some small toys for them to find, like our Dice Fidget Pop to add to the excitement or as a reward for completing the task.

4 – Obstacle Course

An obstacle course in the garden (or indoors if it’s raining) can be created using pool noodles, slides, blocks, empty boxes, beanbags and cushions – the only limit is your imagination! Use balls to dribble through tunnels, and include favourite toys to take on the adventure too. A great addition is a Therapy Peanut Ball, which helps to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

5 – Cloud Watching

Grab the pillows and blankets and make yourselves comfortable in the backyard for some cloud watching. Ask your kids to describe what they see in the clouds, and what are their thoughts and feelings. If it’s a hot day, a snuggly plush weighted toy can be used as a welcome cold pack to keep little bodies cool.

6 – Go to the Movies

Many cinemas now have special Sensory Screening sessions, where the lights are dimmed and the volume softened. The experience is a positive non-judgemental one, and perfect for a rainy day or when you need to get out of the house. We have a great range of ear plugs and ear muffs designed especially for little ears that may help your child feel more comfortable.

7 – Have a Pavement Art day

Buy some coloured chalk and let your kids’ artistic imaginations run wild! Help them create their own beautiful pavement art – and remember to take some photos. Use the chalk to draw out a hopscotch board and teach them how to play. For an indoor hopscotch experience, why not try our Sensory Liquid Floor Tiles.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. And if getting out of the house isn’t possible, there are plenty of sensory toys and games available in our store to provide hours of endless fun.Orders are dispatched promptly via Australia Post or come and visit us at 28 Gidley Street, St Marys NSW (inside the NADO building).