Sensory Playmat Set – Medium

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Sensory Playmats are a wonderful floor playset combining soft, firm and textural surfaces. The mats are great for use in preschools, baby gym classes and therapy centres to create interactive sensory stories as well as to promote imaginative play, colour exploration and collaborative play.

Each standard tile is 29.79 cm x 29.79 cm.  Each mini tile is approximately 17.29 cm x 14.29 cm. When combined the playmat equates to 1.2 x 0.6 metres or when combined created as a single stepping path it equates to a length of 2.4 m.

The 11 piece sensory playmat includes:
1 x Grass Firm, 1 x Logs Firm, 1 x Dino Eggs Firm, 1 x Pebbles Firm, 1 x Muffik Soft, 1 x Seashells Soft, 1 x Meadow Firm, 1 x Grass Soft (Mini), 1 x Grass Hard (Mini), 1 x Snail Hard (Mini), 1 x Starfish Soft (Mini)

The health Benefits of Muffik Sensory Play Mats are;

  • Foot Health, Stability and Control
  • Body Function and Kinesthetic Awareness
  • Prevention of Flat Feet and Correction of Posture
  • Improved Balance and Proprioception
  • Sensory Stimulation and Fun

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