Why Use Sensory Tools In The Classroom?

Why Use Sensory Tools In The Classroom?

In an age where educational strategies are always evolving to meet a range of different learning needs, the addition of sensory tools into classroom environments has grown significantly. At The Sensory Store, we are passionate advocates about providing sensory support tools to build an inclusive, engaging, and effective learning experience for all students.

But why exactly should educators, parents and carers integrate these tools into their classroom practices? Sensory Support Tools can help students by:

  • Catering to Diverse Learning Styles
  • Enhancing Focus and Concentration
  • Supporting Emotional Regulation and Stress Reduction
  • Facilitating Communication and Social Skills
  • Encouraging Active Learning
  • Boosting Creativity and Imagination

At the Sensory Store, we believe that every classroom should be equipped with the tools needed to support and enhance the learning experience for all students. Our wide range of sensory tools and resources is carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of learners, helping educators create more inclusive, effective, and engaging learning environments. Some of our favourites include:

Tactile Cushion – Perfect for wrigglers and fidgeters, this cushion is bumpy on one side and spikey on the other, allowing children to choose the type of tactile input that is right for them. 

Fidget Chair Band – Available in a variety of fun colours, these bands provide a source of physical activity while seated in a classroom which can help to increase focus and attention.  

Hand Therapy Egg – Designed to fit in the palm of the hand, these Hand Therapy Eggs can improve grip strength and strengthen fingers while providing a fun, squeezy way to relieve stress.

Infinity Cube – Flip and fold with one hand or two, this quiet and compact fidget toy can help relieve anxiety and tension to improve focus.  

Feely Fingers Fidget – Made from soft material, this highly tactile and soothing fidget toy can easily be attached and removed from surfaces including under the edge of desks.  

Rainbow Parachute – This lightweight rainbow parachute is 4m in diameter, perfect for group activities in both indoor and outdoor settings.  

Sand Timer – Help students to understand time in a visual way or relax by simply watch the sand fall. 

Feeling Flips – This vibrant and engaging double sided flip book can help allow students to identify different emotions and what positive actions they can take when they begin to experience them. 

Sensory Floor Tiles – Create a unique and interactive experience that encourages exploratory sensory play. 

Embracing sensory tools in the classroom is a commitment to recognizing and valuing the individuality of each student. Whether you’re looking to improve concentration, support emotional well-being, encourage active learning, or simply make yours or your child’s classroom a more inclusive place, sensory tools can play a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

Explore our range today and help ensure every student has the opportunity to thrive.