Top 8 Toys to Help Autistic Toddlers

August 17, 2021

If you’re looking for toys that are suitable for autistic toddlers, it can be difficult to know where to start. Sensory toys are a great option for anyone on the spectrum, or with any sensory issues, providing a fun and safe way for children to stimulate their senses. While some toys aim to calm toddlers with autism, others assist in developmental growth, creative expression, and sensory stimulation. Here’s our round up of 8 toys perfect for autistic toddlers

  1. Bubble Push Pop Fidget Toys

Featured: Push Pop Bubble Flower

Push and poke bubble poppers can provide your child a calming distraction when big emotions occur because playing with something that looks, feels, or sounds different can help take the attention away from that big emotion.

They can also be used as a fun sensory fidget toy due to their repetitive push pop abilities and help boost concentration and productivity whilst relieving stress and anxiety.

Made of high-quality safe non-toxic silicone, which is child friendly, easy to clean and durable. Push pop bubble toys are available in an assorted range of bright colours and shapes.

  1. Multi-Sensory Toys

Featured: Lil’ Dreamers LED Light

If your child is seeking sensory input, a multi-sensory toy is the perfect way to capture their attention. Toys or lights such as the Lil’ Dreamers LED Light provide visual and tactile comfort, allowing children to explore both shapes and light in a fun way.

The Lil’ Dreamers makes a great first night light for children 6+ months but is also a favourite in older children who enjoy tapping to select the light setting to suit their mood. A great comfort choosing between the Koala or Unicorn night lights but if a light isn’t your child’s preference, there are plenty of other toys on the market that allow children to see, touch and hear in different ways.

  1. Bilibo Seats

Featured: Bilibo Seat

While it may just look like a seat, the Bilibo Seat is an innovative and versatile toy that is both fun and educational. The unique design of the Bilibo allows children to playfully expand their motor skills and balance, all while encouraging creativity.

There’s no limit to how the Bilibo can be used, including to rock and spin in, sit on, hide and peek through, and more. This great investment can be used for all children aged over 12 months and is available in an array of bright colours.

  1. Sensory Weighted Toys

Featured: CozyPlush Weighted Toys

Sensory weighted toys provide the perfect combination of helping lower stimulation, while also providing a source of comfort. Suitable for ages 2 and up, these great snuggly toys are perfect for bedtime, but can also be used as a calming toy at all times of day.

Sensory weighted toys are available in a range of different designs so that children can feel a special bond with their toy, and also come in varied textures such as furry, feathery and super smooth. Depending on your choice of toy, some plushies, like the Coz Plush Little Lamb, are imbued with soothing scents such as lavender and can be heated to provide warmth.

  1. Interactive Dress Up Animals

Featured: Giggly Zippies Dress Me Up Animal

While we’re talking about plushies, let’s look at another category of stuffed animals perfect for autistic toddlers – dress up animals. Learning skills such as how to use zippers, tie shoes, and unbutton buttons is difficult for any child, but can be harder for children with autism. Luckily there are some great educational toys for autistic toddlers that can help them master their fine-motor skills in a fun way.

Dress up animals are the cute, fun way for your child to practice daily tasks on something other than themselves. From unbuckling shoes to playing with velcro, these tactile toys for children 2+ will keep your child entertained while also assisting them to practice basic fine-motor and self-help skills.

  1. Building Blocks

Featured: Bristle Blocks

Building blocks are a great toy for children to use their imagination while learning how different objects work. Assisting toddlers to use their grip as they learn how to fit the pieces together does wonders for their development, while also being fun and engaging.

Although there are lots of block toys out there, specially designed sensory bricks such as Bristle Blocks add an extra soft-touch sensory element and can be easier for little fingers (aged 2 and up) to put together.

  1. Creative Play Experiences

Featured: Sensory Exploration Kit

If you’re looking for something that engages your children’s creativity and artistic side, a sensory art kit could be just the thing for you. These fun kits include a range of materials and textures for your child to play with while developing their creative expression.

Designed to encourage sensory development, develop fine motor skills, promote imaginative play, and facilitate emotional expression, these fun kits are a true sensory adventure suitable for children aged 2+.

  1. Bath Time Toys

Featured: Plui Rain Cloud

Other great toys that engage the senses are water toys! Bath time can be a fun  learning experience with toys like the Rain Cloud. Your child can watch the nature of physics in action while the flow of water will calm and delight!  Bath time will be an enjoyed time to end the day, inspiring stories and dreams for a restful night ahead.

Still unsure about the right toy for your child? Contact us today to discuss our full range of sensory toys and what might be suitable for your children.


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