Weighted Sleep Mask II

$69.00 inc. GST

This is no regular SLEEP MASK.  The Premium Weighted Eye Mask II uses the same Deep Touch Pressure as our weighted blankets and helps to prepare you for a deep uninterrupted sleep by blocking light and applying gentle pressure. This mask is also suitable for those who suffer from migraines as the pressure can help massage those point which need it most.

The set is packed with features/accessories:

    • Sleep mask cover (can be used alone as a regular eye mask)
    • Weighted insert** (Perfect for migraine sufferers)
    • Cooling gel insert** (insert to provide cooling)
    • Eye cups (for zero eye pressure, 100% blockout)**Do not use weighted insert and cooling gel insert at the same time. 

This is the perfect addition to your range of Sleep aids:

    • Weight: 300g (optimised for long term use)
    • Short stitched so you can manipulate the weight where you need it most 
    • Weighted with certified non-toxic, micro-glass beads
    • One size fits all with the comfortable double-width adjustment band
    • Micro-hook velcro so it doesn’t catch your hair.
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