Weekly Activity Planner

The bright and colourful Monkey and Chops Weekly Activity Planner allows you to easily keep track of your family’s busy schedule. Display it on the fridge or hang it on the wall and just add the daily activity magnets to track your households daily tasks.

Each Weekly Activity Planner pack includes one planner, with days of the week colourfully outlined, one standard activity magnet sheet and an erasable magnetic pen. The interactive design means that family members can move daily magnets and even add their name using a dry erase marker. The included photo frame magnets allow you to add pictures of family members for quick and easy personalisation.

Included: 1 x Weekly Planner; 1 x Standard Activity magnet sheet (includes 33 activity magnets, 3 photo frame magnets, 1 Monkey & Chops daily magnet); 1 x magnetic pen.
Dimensions: Weekly Planner 27 x 39cm.  Age: 3yrs +

NOTE: The Fridge Planner is a magnet and must be attached to a metallic surface such as a fridge, magnetic picture board, whiteboard etc. Some stainless steel fridges have low levels of iron in their doors and are therefore not magnetic. Please check the magnetism of your fridge with a typical fridge magnet before purchasing.

$25.00$27.00 inc. GST


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