Magic Suction Strip

The Magic Suction Strip is a fun fidget and sensory toy that can be used in many ways. With multiple suction caps on one side, it will easily attach to any smooth surface. You can
throw them or slap them down on the table to make them stick and when you peel them off, hear the many satisfying pops that accompany. You can roll them into unique shapes or wear them as a bracelet or come up with your own unique ways to play.

  • Available in 7 assorted colour combinations – pastel rainbow, rainbow, red and white, blue and white, green and white, orange and white, purple and white
    Please note your colour preference in the comments or send us an email after making a purchase. Preference will be dependent on stock availability.

Product size: 21.5 x 4 cm
Recommended Ages: 3 years +

$3.00 inc. GST

33 in stock


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