Chore Chart

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The Monkey & Chops Chore Chart is perfect for the simple allocation of household chores. First of all, it’s a fun and interactive way to teach kids about contributing to their family unit. In addition, it’s excellent for developing co-operation and organisation within a household and establishing family responsibilities for growing children.

Included: 1 x Chore Chart (flexible magnetic sheet); 2 x Chore magnet sheets (72 chore magnets, 4 photo frame magnets, 4 blank magnets); 1 x dry-erase, magnetic pen.

Material/Functionality: the Chore Chart is a flexible magnetic sheet which must be attached to a metal surface such as the fridge. The chore magnets will stick directly to the chart once it is attached to a metal surface.

NOTE: This chart is perfect for attaching to the fridge, however, some stainless steel fridges have low levels of iron in their doors and are therefore not magnetic. Please check the magnetism of your fridge before purchasing or try another metal surface eg. magnetic whiteboard, magnetic picture board, metal filing cabinet.

Dimensions: Chore Chart 270 x 390mm; Chore magnets 30 x 30mmAge: 3yrs +

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