Axolotl Bead Putty

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This Axolotl Bead Putty is our new go-to stress-relief companion with a playful twist. Infused with tiny beads, this putty provides a satisfying crunch as you squeeze and meld it. Compact and vibrant, it’s perfect as a desk accessory, for on-the-go relaxation and creative breaks. Unleash the whimsy and escape the daily grind with the Axolotl Bead Putty – where stress relief meets playful fun.

  • Available in pink and blue with tactile rainbow beads.
    Please note your colour preference in the comments or send us an email after making a purchase. Preference will be dependent on stock availability.

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  • Includes an adorable axolotl jelly friend that can be squished and squeezed with the putty
  • 87(L) x 87(W) x 66(H) mm