Axolotl Squishy Ball

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Introducing the Axolotl Squishy Ball – a stress ball like no other, filled with soothing water orbs and featuring an adorable stretchy axolotl companion. Squeeze away stress and let the dynamic texture of the water orbs and the flexible axolotl provide a satisfying fidgeting experience. Compact and portable, this unique stress ball is your go to for on the go relaxation, ensuring a splash of tranquillity is always at your fingertips. Embrace the whimsy of the Axolotl Squishy Ball, where stress relief meets playful underwater charm.

  • Available in 3 assorted colours: pink, blue and yellow!
    Please note your colour preference in the comments or send us an email after making a purchase. Preference will be dependent on stock availability.

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Specifications: 70(L) x 70(W) x 70(H) mm