Alpine Defender Adult Earmuffs

The Defender is the next generation of earmuffs. The ear protector combines premium materials and ultimate comfort in one sleek package. The Defender allows you to stay protected with style. The earmuffs are lightweight and fold-able to a travel size, making them more convenient to store and carry than many other styles of ear protectors.  The Uni fit cushions, pivoting ear cups, and adjustable headband ensure that the muffs fit heads of many shapes and sizes. The soft padding and skin friendly materials ensure that it rests comfortably, so that you can use the muffs for as long as you want.

In addition to having a unique design, the Defenders are excellent at protecting your ears from harsh noises. Thanks to the soft noise reducing foam, the earmuffs provide up to 22dB of attenuation. Enjoy the safety it provides you while you work on your DIY projects, concentrate while working, or play your loud instruments. Take it with you on the go and focus for noisy environments, travel in silence, or try to relax. No matter the situation, the Defender’s got you covered.




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