11 inch LCD Board

The 11″ LCD Board in sleek black, features a monochrome display and a convenient USB-charging capability. Equipped with a dual-tip stylus, this board is perfect for writing and drawing, making it an excellent tool for literacy development in classrooms, homes, and on the go. The board’s easy delete button allows users to quickly clear the screen, reducing frustration and making it perfect for supported learning sessions.

This LCD board, reminiscent of the classic etch-a-sketch but vastly improved, features a durable design and includes a secure stylus storage, a lock/unlock screen button, and USB charging, eliminating the need for batteries. It is a versatile tool, great for homework, remote learning, and supported learning sessions, and it can also serve as a communication aid for those with hearing or speech difficulties. The 11″ LCD Board is not only fun and engaging but also helps save paper, making it an eco-friendly choice for all ages.

PLEASE NOTE:  LCD board may require charging on arrival prior to use.

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