Sensory Weighted Toys for Self-Soothing

Sensory Weighted Toys for Self-Soothing

They’re cute, they’re cuddly and people of all ages just can’t resist to give them a snuggle.

Whether they are furry, feathery, or fuzzy, therapeutic sensory weighted toys are purposed for sensory seeking behaviour to help support in providing a calming effect.

People with delicate or overloaded sensory systems can sometimes feel fidgety, detached or anxious and perhaps unable to self-calm or relax. Weighted sensory toys can help relieve these symptoms and provide much needed sensory input whilst also aiding in sleeping support at bedtime or just as a general day to day tool to reduce anxiety.

Weighted sensory toys can come in a range of sizes and textures, and when purchasing one it’s good to take into considering the best kind that you or your child prefers. Super soft, super hairy and super smooth are just some of the options available.

Some weighted toys can also be used as a bed warmer and are microwavable to provide that little bit of extra comfort and warmth. Weights of the toys can vary but generally sit around 900 g up to 1.5 kg and are not recommended for any person under the age of two.

The benefits of Sensory weighted toys include self-regulation, reduce anxiety, provide focus and aim to help support in calming an individual in times of sensory overload. They can also be beneficial for anyone who loves a snuggly weighted buddy to call their own.

Weighted sensory toys are ideal for people with on the spectrum, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder or to help aid in general sleep issues.

Again – it should be noted that they are not designed for use in children under the age of two, and you should always continue to observe safe sleep practices with children or with a disability. Any toys – especially heavy ones have no place in the bed of an infant.

The Sensory Store NADO provides a quality collection of weighted toys, you can view their range online or follow their Facebook page for new product updates.