Sensory Support For Teens and Young Adults

June 4, 2024

From managing academic life, to navigating social dynamics or entering the workplace for the first time, our teenage years and young adulthood can be an exciting but difficult time. At the Sensory Store, we understand that sensory tools are not just for children and that they can play an important role in supporting emotional regulation, focus and overall wellbeing in all stages of our lives.  

So we have created the ultimate guide to our coolest, sleekest, most minimalistic and mature sensory support tools, perfect for teens and young adults! 

Metallic Tangle This hand-held fidget is perfect for popping in your bag and taking it on the go! With a variety of pretty and stylish colours, a metallic tangle is the ideal take anywhere fidget for busy teens. 


Kaiko Fidget Kit New to fidgets and unsure where to start? This Kaiko Fidget Kit has 5 of their bestselling mini fidgets to help you find your favourite fidgeting style. 


Oil Slick CollectionThese mesmerizing and heavy fidgets all come with boxes and cases to keep them in perfect condition. Whether you’re a roller, spinner or popper, you’ll feel like a professional with our Oil Slick Fidgets. 


Infinity CubeAvailable in muted mature or bright neon colours, fidget quietly or out loud in an infinite number of ways! 


Lava Drop Timer An aesthetic addition to any desk or workspace, these lava drop timers are ideal for anyone needing to stay on task. Simply turn it over and work away until the lava stops falling, have a break and repeat! 


Jellystone ChewsWe have chewable jewellery solutions for even the most sophisticated of chewers! Our range of Jellystone chews features some mature and minimalistic designs, including the Coolamon and Organic Pendants, perfect for teens who love to chew. 


Knitted Weighted BlanketThis weighted blanket is both stylish and functional. Not only is it a lovely addition to any room, bed or lounge but its large size and evenly distributed weight makes it the perfect tool for relaxation and unwinding after a long day.  


Colour Changing Night Light A soothing glow is important in any room! This unique cube shaped light features a section of rosy crystals which helps to create a glow-y light array.  


Chain Maille TrioExperience sensory bliss with our handcrafted Chain Maille Trio Set – three unique fidgets in a portable tin! 


Caterpillar Fidget Necklace – Calm your anxiety in style with the Caterpillar Fidget Necklace – sleek, discreet, and perfect for everyday use. Smooth, weighted beads glide effortlessly, providing a professional, unobtrusive way to manage stress.” 


At The Sensory Store, we’re committed to empowering individuals of all ages to thrive by offering innovative sensory solutions that cater to their evolving needs. Whether you’re a teen seeking to enhance focus, manage stress, or cultivate emotional resilience, our collection of minimalist sensory tools is here to accompany you every step of the way. 

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