Understanding The Desire to Chew

May 28, 2020

Understanding The Desire to Chew

It is widely recognised that many people, specifically children and people with varying abilities find chewing a way to remain calm during times of anxiety and stress.

This form of chewing may include items such as shirt collars or sleeves, blankets and sheets, toys, books, pencils or hair.

When information is collected through the sensory channels, it is transmitted to the brain, interpreted and organised, prior to the individual responding appropriately.  This process is called sensory integration.  Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound are most frequently referred to as the senses, however the body also senses movement, force of gravity and body position through the muscles and joints.  This is referred to as proprioception.

Many children and adults with sensory disorders do not regulate sensory input well, paying little attention to things – or overreacting to others.  When sensory input is not organised or aligned properly, problems in learning, development or behavior may be evident. Those who chew, do so to concentrate, block out the world or calm themselves down.

Depending on what people chew it can be damaging to teeth as it is too hard wearing, or just not safe an ideal as the item may contain chemicals and toxins.

However, there is a discreet and stylish solution to help support people with chewing requirements. The Chewigem product range which consists of bangles and necklaces are designed for the mild to moderate chewer and is intended to sooth and comfort people of all ages.

These quality products are made of FDA approved silicone and are non-toxic and free of lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate, allowing parents and caregivers the peace of mind of knowing that safety standards have been met.

There are lots of great designs and colours in the Sensory Store Chewigem collection, allowing everyone to find a product suitable to their specific needs.

Please note however, that due to the intended use of the product, wear and tear are expected and products should be checked routinely for damage.  Discard and replace immediately once damaged.

View our full product range of Chewigem products and oral support tools or follow us on facebook for all new sensory product updates and information.

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